After a busy start to 2023, we’re delighted to share that we have successfully installed a Foltex Flexfeed LP3 / 4 at Kudos Linen Hire.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kudos operate a busy purpose-built factory and specialise in providing professional and reliable laundry services to hotels, event venues, and restaurants around the North East.

In addition, Kudos also offer reliable linen hire services, which include drop-off and collection of high-quality linen for hospitality and events.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for their linen hiring services quickly grew, and so did Kudos’ need for a new flatwork feeder.

After a few discussions and a quick trip to Holland, Kudos decided that the Foltex Flexfeed LP3 / 4 would be the perfect addition to their busy factory. We quickly got to work to arrange delivery of the feeder, and our guys made their way up north to install it.

Following the successful installation of the Foltex Flexfeed LP3 / 4, David Walton from Kudos left us a raving review:

“After the COVID pandemic, we saw an explosion in demand for our services. It was clear the demand for our linen hire was only going to increase in 2022, so we looked at our systems and processes to determine where the pinch points were.

We had always planned to fit a feeder into our excellent Girbau ironing system, so we began looking for a flatwork feeder to help streamline the process.

After travelling to Holland to see the new Foltex machine in action, we decided to go for this product as we had previously enjoyed a successful installation of Foltex towel folding solutions during the lockdown. Amongst the factors we weighed up were the following:

  • The competitive cost.
  • Delivery timings.
  • The compatibility cost.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Access to technical backup and the general quality of the machine itself.

The installation took a day or two, and the staff were trained on using it as part of the calibration and setting up process. They loved being involved in this, and their engagement was a joy to see.

The production speed improvements were obvious within the first day or two. After a week, it would be safe to say nobody could doubt its worth.

The staff enjoy working on the machine in a new way and have taken ownership of its day-to-day running. I can’t help but smile when they ‘train’ me on it!

Regarding the machine, we have had a few minor issues, but these have been quickly resolved, and protocols have been designed to allow continued use even when there are minor issues. Martin, Nick, and the guys at Foltex have taken a keen interest in the machines’ progress, more than once dropping by to see how it is going. They are nice guys to do business with. That matters to Kudos.”

We are thrilled that we have helped Kudos meet their business’s ever-growing demands and look forward to working with them in the future.

If you would like to speak to us about any of our Foltex flatwork feeders, please call us on 01869 238 233.