Foltex Flexfeed LP3 / 4

Three or four station, high-volume feeder for large or small flatwork pieces. An innovative, flexible, durable and reliable machine for medium to large laundry facilities

    The Foltex Flexfeed LP3 / 4 is a three or four station, automatic flatwork feeding machine designed for medium to high-volume laundries for processing both large-piece and small-piece flatwork.

    Available in 3000mm, 3300mm, 3500mm, 3750mm and 4000mm, this machine can be installed with any conventional ironer and will operate at a speed of up to 50 metres / minute.

    Ideal for all types of flatwork – sheets, duvet-covers, table-linen, banqueting-cloths, napkins, pillow-cases and tea-towels etc. It’s robust design ensures that it can handle even the largest and heaviest hospitality pieces on the market.

    Machine features:

    • Height adjustable infeed stations.
    • Heavy duvets can be supported from the bottom to enable a straight leading edge.
    • Servo driven vacuum bar for fast and dynamic transfer to enable neater leading edge.
    • Heavy duty, robust chassis – built to last!
    • Maintenance-free transmission due to timing belts. No chains, so no lubrication required.
    • Maintenance-free spreader system, dry running system, so no lubrication or greasing needed.
    • No high maintenance mechanical clutch/brake devices.
    • A sensing system is included to detect if pillow-case is not stuck inside duvet cover.
    • Remote monitoring via ethernet included.
    • Open-source spare parts philosophy.