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“Simplicity is a pre-requisite for reliability”.  –  Edsger Dijkstra. 

FOLTEX believe that machinery should be simple. Simple machines are cheaper to build, are more reliable and, with fewer parts to go wrong, are less expensive and easier to maintain in-house.

What FOLTEX have recognised over the years is that whilst the process of laundry should be very simple, the equipment with which to do it had become increasingly more complex. With more moving parts and much greater levels of sophistication, breakdowns are frequently beyond the skills of even the most competent in-house engineers. The result often leads to an increasing reliance on the capabilities and willingness of the manufacturer, or their local distributors, and can leave the laundry owner feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Designing equipment to be simple is paradoxically very complicated, especially when the criteria dictate that this should be without detriment to quality and output, yet the FOLTEX “in house” design team backed by years of industry experience dedicated to achieving technical excellence thrive in this environment, producing superior laundry machinery with truly global appeal.


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