The current “staycation” surge is proving to be a real boon to a laundry industry emerging from months of despair under this pandemic. The scale of this resurgence, however, is proving to be quite overwhelming for a lot of businesses now flooded by increasing demand, with the folding of towels proving to be a common production bottleneck. 

We can help. 

FOLTEX AT230 towel folders can transform towel production in your laundry. Simple, reliable, high-capacity machines that deliver neatly folded stacks of towels ready for packing. Improve output, save labour, save time….why not contact us for more information? 

FOLTEX Flexfold AT230

What are the stand out qualities that the FOLTEX FLEXFOLD AT230 provides?  

  • It is suitable for all grades of towels up to 2300mm x 1200mm wide 
  • Auto-grading into four different categories saving time and labour cost. 
  • It can be used for a variety of other products such as blankets, fitted sheets, pillow-cases, t-shirts, trousers, chef’s jackets, oven-cloths etc 
  • It is of high quality and uses the french-folding method for a consistent, neat product. 
  • It is a simple yet durable design; due to it being European built, it is low-maintenance and high-ranking on the reliability factor. 
  • Machines are currently available are on a short delivery times. 
  • It is the best value for money machine on the market. 

Why are the main reasons you should invest in the product? 

It has a Technical Advantage. 

The FOLTEX company adage is “Simple, Reliable” and demonstrates the ethos behind the design of each machine in the range.
The simplicity of the Foltex AT230 coupled with a low-level maintenance requirement means this is a perfect machine for laundries with limited access to in-house engineering. Along with an “open-source” spare-parts philosophy, using components that can found easily and cheaply anywhere, we believe that the AT230 has the lowest lifetime cost of any towel folder on the market. 


The flexibility of the Foltex AT230 can unlock potential revenue-streams other than just towelling. Blankets, chef’s jacket, trousers, t-shirts, kitchen-cloths, pillow-cases, scrub-suits, healthcare garments and much more, the AT230 can handle them all. 

Did you know we have a combined 80 years’ experience in the laundry business?  

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