Flexfold AT230 / AT180 Towel Folder

The most versatile towel folders on the market. Ergonomic, flexible, reliable and highly productive folders for a wide range of full-dry pieces

    The FOLTEX AT230 and AT180 towel folders are the most versatile machines on the market. Folding pieces up to 230cms x 120cms (AT230) and 180cms x 120cms (AT180), these auto-grading towel folders will fold and automatically sort all ranges of towelling, such as bath-sheets, bath-towels, hand-towels and bath-mats. Precise folding is achieved with simple, time / pulsed air-blasts along with air-blast and reversing-belt combination in the cross-fold. Elasticated cross-fold belts ensures neat, simple folding of all thicknesses of towelling.

    The machine’s versatility means that it can be also used for healthcare products such as scrub-suits, patient gowns, stretcher-covers and nightwear along with other general items like t-shirts trousers, tea-towels, blankets and much more…..

    Tech specs