Introducing the FOLTEX FLEXFOLD GT200, the most versatile dry-work folder around. Suitable for workwear rental, hospitality and healthcare laundry businesses. 


Feeding Bathrobes 

With a vertical, suction-assisted in-take conveyor, garments – such as overalls, warehouse coats, work-trousers and even more specialist products such as bathrobes and ISO gowns –be speedily fed into this high-output and auto-grading machine.  

Not to forget that there is a second in-take conveyor at the rear of the machine, which allows for high-speed feeding of flatwork articles such as towels and blankets. 

Why should you invest in this product? 

Based on the dependable and reputable model of the highly successful AT230 towel folder, it’s clear to see why the GT200 is one of the most straightforward, low-maintenance machines within the UK and Ireland industrial laundry markets. 

The FlexFold GT200 is fitted with two infeed conveyors, one for garments, the other for towels. The GT200 has various automated modifications for a range of items with contrasting textures. This is a great selling point as you can imagine as it means the product does a wide variety of clothing items, meaning less labour work. 

How can the FOLTEX FLEXFOLD GT200 improve your business? 

  • Improves productivity through facilitated feeding, reduced preparation time, automation and article auto-grading. 
  • Simple to operate.   
  • Flexibility. Can handle a wide range of products including overalls, bathrobes and hospital ISO gowns. 
  • Ideal for hospitality laundry, healthcare laundry and workwear rental businesses. 

Did you know we have a combined 80 years of experience in the laundry business?  

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