Sounds cool, right? from the success of the standard Flexfold BT300 blanket feeding/folding/stacking system, Foltex has now successfully optimised this to the latest high-production version of the machine, which we now know as the Flexfold BT300x2. 

Why do you need a folder machine? 

A folder machine is a vital part of any laundry functionality procedures because it guarantees that all clean sheets, blankets, and other linens are manufactured coherently.  

Benefits of machinery products that can help businesses: 

Pace, dependability, resilience and proficiency are some of the best features of this type of machinery. 

Why should you invest in our folder machine? 

Our new and innovative Flexfold BT300x2 combines a pair of buffer stations at each side of the machine. The purpose of this is to enable operators to load one corner of the piece in advance of the spreading clamps getting into position. This simple invention vastly enhances productivity, as is proven by the recent installation of the first machine in a large, US industrial healthcare laundry, which is achieving around 800 pcs per hour. The device can handle a wide range of blankets (thermal blankets, hospital blankets, airline blankets, army blankets and bed-blankets) up to 3000mm x 3000mm – varying in thicknesses. 

What can this do for your business? 

If you are within the hospitality industry (especially the accommodation sector) this product will be a godsend to you. It will save your housekeeping staff time – which they can redirect to other aspects within their department. It will also be more cost-effective due to the variety of functions the product acquires and caters to. 

Laundry labourers have been under pressure for years from the hotel and restaurant industries to reduce their prices and increase their productivity levels; this machinery caters to all those demands and releases the burden for workers.  

As the world starts to slowly open back up, it’s important to ensure processes are more refined for consumers that will probably be staying in accommodation away for the first time in ages. This product will do just that! Having this in place will contribute towards the exceptional experience that visitors deserve after such a tough year. 

Did you know we have a combined 80 years of experience in the laundry business?  

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