Kannegiesser Model EML-5-2 small piece feeder.

Kannegiesser EML-5, 3500mm working width small piece feeder.

    1 x Kannegiesser Model EML-5-2 small piece feeding machine from 2009. With a working width of 3500mm this machine can be used for 5 lanes (x 700mm each) of small pieces i.e pillow-cases, napkins etc. Designed to improve speed and quality on small piece ironing lines.

    The unit can also be supplied with a dedicated small piece delivery system comprising inclined, weigh-scale conveyor, intermediate conveyor dropping into perpendicular, two-directional conveyor, feeding two drop chutes which deliver pieces to narrow conveyors positioned to allow operators to manually feed the feeding machine. Designed to improve productivity by delivering manageable sized loads of small pieces to feeder operators, without using barrows or cages.

    Available immediately.