Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers & Miscellaneous

Laundryquip currently has the following steam fired boilers and miscellaneous equipment available for installation:

IMG 2289

Ducker / Kannegiesser Revolution Continuous Roller Towel Processing Machine

20170331 172615 E1491223283987

Bradlee Boiler 2500lbs per hour, gas

20170301 132056 E1490117190450

Vega Laundry Systems Picker machine for sale

Cochran Burner

Cochran Wee Chieftain Boiler

20161205 164858 E1480967161419

Roller-Towel Processing Machine from SupaWash

20160414 132818 E1473262259397

Two Avelair VSD22 air-compressors from 2013

20160414 132548 E1473261517700

Duplex Water Softeners

20160414 112616 E1473260888984

Beel Minster Boiler, 6000lbs per hour, 1996, gas-fired

20150907 144706 E1442327782836

Van Riet Linen Sorting Conveyors

Compair L45 SR compressor

Compair L45 SR Screw Compressor

If you require additional information, or wish to purchase one of these systems, please contact Laundryquip using the form below: