Garment Finishers

Garment Finishers

Laundryquip currently has the following garment finishers and folders available for installation:

Bmmweston Dupress E1512982768292

Two BMM Weston Dupress Type BN62 rotary presses

20161205 164136 E1480965818230

Olma Obifold Overall Garment Folder

Garment Folder

Kannegiesser FA-X Garment folding machine

20160414 162324 E1473267498291

BMM Weston BN62 Rotary Press

20160628 123921 E1470065791940

Two BMM Weston Unipress NT2 Lightning Presses

20160628 134842 E1468316897242

Complete Jensen Garment Tunnel Finisher System – Gas Fired

BMM Weston Unipress

BMM Weston Unipress Shirt / Jacket Press

If you require additional information, or wish to purchase one of these systems, please contact Laundryquip using the form below: