Commercial Ironers

Commercial Ironers

Laundryquip currently has the following commercial steam- and gas-heated ironers available:

20180201 130623

Girbau Model PS5132, gas-heated ironer


Electrolux Model IC44819 RLF, Electrically Heated Ironer

20160414 161931 E1473167100920

Lapauw Duo 2 roll x 3300mm x 1200mm ironer

IMG 0797

Passat Voss Super 800, three roll steam heated ironer, 3000mm

IMG 0800

Baker Perkins Superstar 700, three roll, rebuilt


Lapauw Duo 3300mm x 1200mm, gas-heated, two roll


Passat Super 800 ironer, 3 roll

Lavatec Lavaroll 3 x 3000mm x 1200mm, steam

Lavatec Lavaroll Three Roll ironer

If you require additional information, or wish to purchase one of these systems, please contact Laundryquip using the form below: