WSP WinWash

WSP WinWash

WinWash from WSP is a complete process visualisation and control program for your laundry facility. It offers maximum process control by working closely with your laundry’s logistics system. WinWash provides logistics management, process control for continuous batch washers and dryers and instructions to production staff.

Batches are traceable from the moment they are entered into WinWash – ensuring that your staff have complete and correct information at every processing step.

WSP WinWash: Process Visualisation and Control for Laundries

WinWash offers many benefits:

  • A single user interface for the whole laundry facility
  • One reporting system for the entire process
  • One initial contact point for faults and failures
  • Independent of brands and machine suppliers
  • Can be coupled to non-WSP systems and machines
  • Flexible customer service

WSP WinWash - Process Control for your Laundry

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