Complete CBW Systems

Lavatec 10 x 50kg CBW system

Complete CBW system for Dust-Mat processing comprising:

  • Futurail overhead bag storage systems, 4 storage rails for 10 x 50kg bags each, 3 loading stations and floor mounted construction,  from 2005 leading to:
    • Senking DT90 shaking machine with loading and unloading conveyors, from 2005. All linked to bag system and CBW
    • Lavatec LT50 / 10, 10 compartment x 50kg CBW system, completely overhauled in 2002. Includes drain-valves on 9 compartments. Originally 1994
    • Senking Z770 Centriguge extractor from 2002
    • Senking double shuttle conveyor
    • Three Senking DT120 gas fired, transfer tumbler dryers from 2005, including autoatic lint cleaning, water sprinkler system,  tilting, hot-air recirculation, over-dry protection etc.

From 1994 / 2002 / 2005

All available Autumn 2009

Lavatec 10 x 50kg CBW System for Dustmat Processing


CBW System for Dustmat processing: Senking Shuttle


Continuous Batch Washer Systems for Dustmat Processing: Senking DT90 shaking machine


Continuous Batch Washer Systems: Senking DT120 gas fired, transfer tumbler dryers


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