Girbau Complete Ironer Lines

Complete Ironer Lines from Girbau

Girbau is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment. We supply a range of Girbau products including washer extractors, tumble dryers, ironers and complete ironer lines, folders and complete batch washer systems.


Girbau DRF Feeder | Supplied by Laundryquip

Girbau DRF Feeder

  • Two, three or four stations
  • Adjustable feeding clamp height Ergonomic design
  • Not necessary to install feeding pit
  • High-Speed Servomotor operated spreading clamps.
  • Ideal for heavy or light duvet-covers, sheets and table-linen.
  • Vacuum assisted feeding belts.
  • Front-mounted spreading brushes for improved quality
  • Feeding positions retract to allow vacuum-assisted manual feeding
  • User friendly microprocessor


  • 800mm or 1200mm diameter rolls
  • 3000, 3300m or 3500mm working widths
  • Rigid chest type. Durable design
  • One exhaust fan per roll
  • Steam or integral gas-fired thermal fluid system.
  • Self-centralising chests
  • Single, twin or three roller models available.
  • SpringPress
  • INTELLImicroprocessor control:
    • Ironing speed control
    • Bed temperature control
    • Pressure control
    • Exhaust power control
    • Oil temp and exhaust control. ( Gas models only)
Girbau PC/PSN Ironer

Girbau PC/PSN Ironer



Girbau FL Folders

Girbau FL Folders

  • 3000mm, 3300mm or 3500mm working widths.
  • Single, twin or 4 lane operations.
  • 2 or 3 longitudinal folds depending on model
  • Folds made by air-blast
  • 2 or three integral cross-folds depending which model.
  • Rotary or Drop Stackers available.
  • Touch-screen, programmable microprocessor, 20 pros available.
  • Counters, fault histories, diagnostics all available
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