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We supply new, used and rebuilt industrial and commercial laundry equipment to customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Complete Laundry For Sale

Are you looking to set up a small commercial laundry?

We have just the equipment for you, just recently purchased from a small private hospital laundry in Ireland.  All the equipment is in very good condition and suit any laundry considering a capacity of around 200kgs per hour.

The jewel in this particular offer is a Lapauw 3000 x 800 gas-fired ironing machine with a Laco folder behind. The dryers are gas-heated too and the three 100lbs washer extractors have hot / cold water fill with electrical heating,  so this whole operation can be run steam-free.

Click on the picture below for more information.

Lapauw Mono 800G, gas-heated ironer