Recent Installations

Recent Installations

Kerry Linen Services, Castle Island, Republic of Ireland

1 x Olma Obifold Super towel folder
2 x Girbau HS4110, 110kg washer extractors
2 x Girbau STI54 tumbler dryers
1 x fully rebuilt Amko folder (pictured)

H20 Leisure Services, Witney

Fully integrated dryer group comprising:
3 x Passat 253.15 G gas heated tumblers, fully rebuilt incorporating two exisiting Senking gas dryers and all fitted with Infra-Red system.
Turntable, high-speed Wireless shuttle and integrated WinWash control system from WSP Automisering

Besco Services, Jersey

1 x Girbau HS6055, 55kg washer extractor with INTELLI controls
1 x Washex 48/40 120kg washer extractor (used)

Partridge Laundry, London

1 x Girbau HS4055, 55kg washer extractor
1 x Unica Type 100, three pocket washer extractor

Roxy Clean Linen Service, London

1 x Girbau Model HS4110, 110kg washer extractor
1 x Lapauw 2C1230, two roll 1200 ironer (used)

Imperial Laundries, Mansfield

1 x Olma Obifold Basic, autograding towel folder

Eastern Counties Linen Services, Clacton-on-Sea

Complete, used, Jensen Ironer line for high-quality table-linen comprising:
Jensen Variant 2000 feeder
Jensen Jenroll EX12, three roll ironer
Jensen Universal folder.
1 x fully rebuilt Lavatec LT50/12, 12 compartment x 50kg CBW
1 x fully rebuilt Lavatec TT735 gas heated tumbler dryer

Camplings Laundry, Great Yarmouth

2 x Olma Obifold Super autograding towel folders
1 x fully rebuilt Amko Triofeed Super (pictured)
1 x fully rebuilt Amko Amfold APL (pictured)

Kings Laundry, Dublin

3 x Senking CBWs with Lavatec membrane presses, high-speed hoists and shuttles and 11 Passat tumbler dryers, all fully rebuilt.
Complete sorting system on mezzanine floor leading to overhead bag-storage system integrated with CBW system and complete with network of transport conveyors dropping linen at various points in the laundry. All controlled by WinWash control system supplied by W S P Automatisering.


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