Company Profile

With over forty years experience in the industry and with a world-wide network of trade contacts we don’t just supply machinery, but solutions as well.

We aim to provide innovative solutions for improving productivity and profit using a combination of new, re-manufactured and used equipment and a team of highly experienced industry professionals with international expertise. This unique blend of resources and knowledge allows us to give you an objective, independent answer to problems that many of the major manufacturer’s may be unwilling to see.

For example, we supply complete Continuous Batch Washer systems that have been fully, mechanically rebuilt and combine them with the latest, brand-new, PLC control system with the most comprehensive laundry-software package on the market. The system is then delivered, erected and commissioned by our own team of engineers and fully-backed up by a full twelve month parts and labour warranty.

For the customer that would otherwise consider purchasing brand-new, this option not only gives them a fully functional system that’s built to an “as new” standard, but is also considerably cheaper than the brand-new equivalent.

But that’s not all!

We’ve seen many laundries over the years investing heavily in both second-hand or new equipment that just don’t seem to be able to achieve the sorts of returns on their money that they expect or have been promised. This can be for any number of reasons, the most common being that the actual laundry-building may not lend itself to an efficient work-flow resulting in equipment either being starved of work to process or over-burdened with the wrong type of work at the wrong time. A little forethought and imagination on behalf of the suppliers can often benefit the customer with much better integration of the equipment into such a laundry. Over-head monorail systems, conveyors, hoists and buffer-storage systems for example can be employed to facilitate work flow, but as these solutions are often bespoke, suppliers become reluctant to supply them or do so with minimum effort or at premium cost.

We are able to take a broader view of the operation such that we can supply you with a complete solution. This may require just a tweak here or there of your current operation or it may need something much more radical. We’ll look at improving work flow, mechanical handling, energy efficiency, chemicals, transport, purchasing in fact all aspects of the operation that affect your bottom line.

Contact us to see if we can help you or check out our latest installations!